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Do you relate to any of the challenges below?

Do you have a to-do list that is constantly growing, a calendar that is jam-packed and no internal support?

Eventcomms Agency can take away all of the organisational stress and provide solutions, processes and creative ideas to make your meeting, conference or event a success.

Will you be tasked with planning a conference or event in the future?

They say knowledge is power, this is especially relevant as we exit the pandemic. Destinations have changed in terms of air access, hotel inventory, third-party suppliers, activities, venues etc. Leveraging our affiliation with a global network of local event management companies through Meeting Professionals International (MPI), you will benefit from the most up to date information, expertise and local market rates.

Would the thought of working with multiple budgets and many back and forth emails with multiple suppliers cause you unnecessary worry or stress?

We do the groundwork on day-to-day supplier communications, and using our simple but effective Event Budgeting Tool, you will get a full overview of all supplier costs and savings.

Are you apprehensive about your event contracts and financial risks as we navigate our way out of this pandemic?

We will prepare a tailored Covid-19 cancellation & force majeure policy into your agreement before you sign, giving you financial peace of mind and security when confirming your meeting, conference or event.

Are you struggling to maximize the virtual event experience for your stakeholders, sponsors & exhibitors?

The event technology landscape is ever-changing but we have our finger on the pulse of the best virtual platforms, creative attendee engagement ideas and concepts to increase ROI for sponsors and exhibitors and of course you and your business.


We support you with Event Management and Event Communications. Simple. We like to build partnerships at Eventcomms Agency. We started with YOU and we want YOU to become an US.

  • Onsite Face to face, In-person, Incentive, Conferences, Events

  • Online Virtual platforms, technical & digital solutions, webinars, broadcasts

  • Hybrid a multichannel approach using components from Onsite and Online

  • Communications Website, portals, Attendee Communications, Teaser Campaigns, Analytics


Knowledge Hub

The Climate is Changing

The climate is changing. So, is this the next big challenge planning for unpredictable weather? When our client at Healy Group tasked us with bringing 50 of their top performers to Spain for a winter incentive, we were happy to dip out of the online world and start planning an onsite event again. It felt […]

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Going Hybrid How To Think Like A TV Producer

Captivated by our “Dorse” by Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen?  What a Photoshop whizz!  Seamlessly and meticulously blending one animal with another with eye catching results – check out his Insta account @gyyporama for more ‘woah’ moments! Thanks to Emma Wellstead from Warwick Events and fellow MPI Chapter colleague for co-writing this blog with us. In […]

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Small changes to make your event more sustainable

Planning events is a stressful job. Trying to make the event as sustainable as it can be adds a complex and time consuming layer to any event project plan. We like to keep things as simple as possible here at Eventcomms Agency so here are some easy ways to make a sustainable difference, without adding […]

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Our goal is to turn our clients into advocates who are excited to share their experience of our great service.


Meeting Professionals International

Eventcomms Agency are proud members of Meeting Professionals International. With 70 Chapters around the world, we have access to real, local humans who can help us make your event even better. There is no doubt that local expertise is crucial with any event. Our colleagues are living and breathing in the heartbeats of the world's biggest conference destinations (as well as some hidden gems). We leverage our partners in this network to ensure we have all the local knowledge we can get our hands on to offer you a fully comprehensive service.


“The knowledge we have gained at Eventcomms Agency can help others who are on the same path. Sharing our successes can elevate your event and learning from our past experiences can help avoid challenges.”


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