Small changes to make your event more sustainable

Planning events is a stressful job. Trying to make the event as sustainable as it can be adds a complex and time consuming layer to any event project plan.

We like to keep things as simple as possible here at Eventcomms Agency so here are some easy ways to make a sustainable difference, without adding hours to your project.

  1. Lanyards and Badges
    99% of traditional badges and lanyards will end up in landfill. Because lanyards and traditionally made of 2 – 3 materials (metal clasp and cotton wrapping) they cannot be recycled. This can be easily changed.
    Work with your preferred printing and badging supplier to create new concepts for your events. We recently came across PC Nametag who gave us lots of ideas for lanyards and badges which can be 100% recycled post event.
    Another fun way can be just to ask delegates to submit their favourite brand or TV show when they register and print this on their lanyard. Then ask them to keep this lanyard for all future events they attend so they reduce their footprint even further!
  2. Plastic Water Bottles
    These should be outlawed but are seen at most events we still attend. Our favourite idea here is to give delegates a water bottle which is functional and attractive enough for them to use repeatedly. Bring in a company to offer hydration stations around the event spaces like Refill so delegates can fill up with cold, refreshing, filtered water and save the plastic waste.
  3. Bin/Trash Signage that makes sense
    At a recent event, we met the lovely Toni Griggs from Isla. Toni shared the below image with us and such a simple signage can make all the difference when it comes to categorising our rubbish/trash. Tell people in simple signage and language what goes where with easy to read symbols.
  1. Event Signage
    Foamcore is not recyclable. Honeycomb boards, such as Falconboard, are paper-based alternatives to Foamcore. Made from renewable resources and/or with post-consumer-waste content, Falconboard is 100% recyclable. A recent client of Eventcomms Agency went for Falconboard instead of Foamcore. It looked the same, was high quality, and was not significantly more expensive than the Foamcore option. Ask local printers about eco-friendly options.