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ABB EL Channel Partner Event 2023


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September 2023


Copenhagen, Denmark 


4 day event



Goal setting for the perfect corporate conference

In September 2023, we teamed up with ABB for their Electrification Channel Partner Event in Copenhagen. The four-day event included ABB employee meetings, networking dinners, interactivity events, and an engaging Channel Partner Conference. 

What was the goal? 

ABB aimed to host a sustainable event, focusing on collaboration between ABB employees and Channel Partners. We prioritised quality and experience, taking steps to ensure our event plan matched this theme seamlessly. 

What steps did we take to reach this goal? 

Paramount to ABB’s priorities was the aim to integrate networking opportunities between their employees and customers throughout the event. 

We accomplished this goal by ensuring every stage of the event had opportunities for networking and conversations in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. 

Here is a snapshot of some of the events we produced to deliver this goal: 

Boat transfers – this allowed participants to take in the beautiful city of Copenhagen while enjoying a glass of bubble, refreshments, and a relaxed space to converse.  

Gala dinner – Lifted the participant’s experience by giving them an unforgettable evening in Moltkes Mansion. Striking up conversations while still actively engaging in the day’s informative meetings. 

Coffee breaks – In between meetings, coffee breaks were extended to become “Networking Breaks” giving the participants time to connect and discuss the topics mentioned in the session without rushing them back into the room. 

Farewell Cocktail & Canape Reception – The end of the event and spirits are high. Freshly made cocktails are made for the participants as they chat some more and say their farewells 

How did you deliver your shared commitment to sustainability? 

ABB are actively enabling a low-carbon society as well as working with their customers and suppliers to implement sustainable practices across their value chain and the lifecycle of their products and solutions.  

We knew finding a hotel that embodied these values was important. 

When we first came across Villa Copenhagen, we knew this hotel had ticked this box. 

  • The conference chairs are made of 2.2 tons of plastic waste from the oceans
  • In-room amenities focus on quality products in refill bottles to limit single-use plastic
  • The outdoor pool is heated through excess waste heat from the hotel
  • Reduction in red meat on menus and focus on local produce
  • Uniforms are made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, and Tencel.
  • No single-use slippers in rooms
  • No bottled water, “drink from the tap” policy as tap water is drinkable in Copenhagen

Other sustainability efforts in the program included: 

  • Electric Boats were chosen for dinner transfers instead of motor coaches
  • We encouraged delegates to take the train from the airport instead of ground transfers – choosing a venue close to the central train station (2 mins walk)
  • Menu choices were made to limit food waste, plated service versus buffet and family style to offer choices
  • Interesting fact: All taxis all electric in Copenhagen (no Uber or Car Sharing Apps in Copenhagen)

Review this short video of the experience:

Here is what our client has to say:

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