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Healy Group Incentive 2022


Event Management
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November 2021


Marbella, Spain


3 day event



We experienced some challenges at this event, so we are writing in a different format for this one:

The climate is changing. So, is this the next big challenge in planning for unpredictable weather?

When our client at Healy Group tasked us with bringing 50 of their top performers to Spain for a winter incentive, we were happy to dip out of the virtual world and start planning an in-person event again. It felt strange to be planning an in-person event again.

One thing we didn’t anticipate was the real world outside of Covid-19. Thankfully everyone stayed healthy, but we had some other interesting experiences.

Arrival day. A storm descends on the Costa del Sol and the weather in Ireland and the UK ends up being better than in Spain (this is in November!)

  1. A tree was uprooted in the hotel and came tumbling down into a guest’s room (they were at lunch, thankfully).
  2. Three rogue waves came surging from the Mediterranean and washed out our beachfront restaurant for night one! Thankfully we booked with a well-known group of local restaurants, so their mountainside restaurant was able to take the group. We had 90 mins to turn it around.
  3. On the way to the restaurant there was a bad car crash on the motorway and our 15-minute transfer turned into 90 minutes.
  4. Our Tapas Trail the next day was spent bobbing in and out of some wonderful tavernas in Marbella Pueblo and by that stage, we had embraced our fate, and everyone enjoyed the experience. Albeit a little rain-soaked.

The moral of this blog is that Covid-19 is one cog in a very large wheel. There are many other real-world scenarios we must remember when planning onsite events. We cannot let Covid-19 cloud us in the planning phases.

Top Tips:

  1. Ensure you have a local team (destination management company) reserve your offsite dinners/activities/anything non-hotel related. They will know the area a lot better than you and will have the local relationships to find solutions if things go wrong.
  2. Always get buses with toilets on them – you never know!
  3. Have emergency snack packs if there is a delay in your transfers
  4. Invest in umbrellas, even if it is a warm country!

Lessons learned and we are glad to have had this experience to remind us, events and the climate are unpredictable as they have always been.

Eventcomms are a formidable team. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, they are the best event partners we have ever had.


We worked with Eventcomms for our annual incentive trip in November 2021. They are a formidable team. Not only were we navigating the pandemic, but Mother Nature decided to throw us some curveballs in Spain also. Eventcomms were unflappable, they reacted so quickly, and the team didn’t even know what was happening as they were on Cloud 9 being back together after too long on Zoom. As CFO and lead for this event, I completely trusted Eventcomms and they over-delivered on what we expected. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, they are the best event partners we have ever had.


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