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MPI Insights 2023 


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July 2023


Dublin, Ireland




MPI Insights, the inaugural flagship event for MPI in Ireland, faced the challenge of delivering an event that not only showcased MPI’s mission and values but also provided unique educational experiences for meeting professionals. The goal was to differentiate MPI from other associations, offering an event that went beyond the traditional conference format.


The challenge was clear – create an event that not only educated attendees about MPI and its mission but also empowered meeting professionals to excel in their roles. The event needed to stand out, offering a distinct experience that would leave a lasting impression on participants.


MPI Insights rose to the challenge by curating an event that blended education, unique experiences, and networking opportunities. The MPI Board carefully selected four mainstage speakers, each addressing crucial topics in the industry. Workday management, breaking sticky habits, maximizing networking, and understanding the power of community were the focal points, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

The event extended beyond the confines of a traditional meeting room. Attendees were taken on a journey through Dublin, exploring recording studios, city gardens with wellness sessions, art galleries, and cultural cafes.

The experience was capped off with a cultural dinner in the historic Christchurch Cathedral, creating an immersive and memorable setting.


The outcomes of the MPI Insights event were remarkable:

  1. Elevated Education on MPI:

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of MPI’s mission and the organization’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional professional development.

  1. Differentiation:

MPI Insights successfully showcased its commitment to doing things differently. The event was not just an educational seminar but an authentic experience, setting MPI apart from other industry associations.

  1. Empowered Meeting Professionals:

The carefully curated speakers and unique experiences contributed to the overall goal of helping meeting professionals be the best at what they do. The practical insights shared, and the unconventional learning environments left a lasting impact on attendees.


MPI Insights demonstrated its dedication to redefining professional development in the meeting and event professionals’ industry. By delivering an event that combined education, unique experiences, and networking, MPI not only educated attendees about its mission but also empowered meeting professionals to excel in their roles. The success of this event serves as a testament to MPI’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the meeting and events industry.


Review this short video of the experience:

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