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Orifarm EMM 2022


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May 2022


Marbella, Spain


3 day event



Orifarm EMM 2022

In 2022, we had the privilege of collaborating with Orifarm to deliver their annual Executive Management Meeting—an event that proved to be both a testament to resilience after a challenging year and an opportunity for colleagues to rekindle their connections through a fusion of conference and social engagement.

Our innovative team enthusiastically crafted an exceptional program tailored to the diverse spectrum of global participants.

Upon their arrival at the hotel, a global buffet awaited the weary travellers, offering a flavoursome welcome. The subsequent day unveiled a captivating lineup of keynote speakers during the morning’s general sessions. Following a delicious tapas lunch hosted at the hotel, we embarked on a journey to the beach, where the “Orifarm Olympics” awaited execution.

Dividing into teams distinguished by vivid colours, each group engaged in six distinctive challenges along the shoreline circuit. Amidst spirited competition, one triumphant team emerged as the ultimate victor of the Olympics, crowned with celebratory champagne toasts.

As dusk settled, we relished an enchanting evening at the funky Farm Restaurant in Marbella Pueblo. This charming restaurant served up the most varied and delicious dishes and we had exclusive use of the venue for our group of 80 people.

The ensuing day unfolded in sun-soaked breakout sessions. Armed with mobile flipcharts, participants ventured into the hotel’s sprawling gardens, fostering innovative brainstorming beyond conventional meeting confines—a creative venture made all the more vibrant by the Spanish sun.

The afternoon transitioned to Cortijo de Cortes, where the group was immersed in a captivating “Taste of Spain” workshop. A multifaceted experience awaited, complete with a bull ring, Picasso-inspired art stations, engaging tasting corners, and authentic cultural immersions.

Culminating in celebration, we held a gala dinner at the hotel. The Orifarm Awards took centre stage, a testament to the company’s remarkable achievements. Accompanied by the rhythmic beats of a DJ, jubilant dance, celebration and good times ensued, symbolizing the triumphant success of the entire event.


Review our short video of their experience:

“Eventcomms are very detail oriented and imaginative and work from the principle that nothing is too big or too small – everything is important.”


"Orifarm worked with Eventcomms Agency for our annual executive management team seminar at a wonderful location in Malaga, Spain. The event was a combination of a conference meeting with a social programme to follow. Eventcomms are very detail oriented and imaginative and work from the principle that nothing is too big or too small – everything is important. They were very organized and practical and got things done. Add to this, they are brilliant at interacting with people and understanding people’s needs and demands. When working with Eventcomms Agency you can rest assured that you will get a professional partner who will assist you in creative suggestions and making the best choices for an awesome and flawless event. Orifarm will work with Eventcomms Agency again and we are already looking forward to our next corporate event."


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