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Should I use a Conference Emcee for my event?
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Author Brian Hand
Date February 28, 2022
Category Event Communications, Event Management

At Eventcomms Agency, we believe it is important to invest in an Emcee for your conference or event. Here are our Top reasons why:

  1. A Conference Emcee is the glue

A ConferenceEmcee is the glue to any corporate event or conference. They seamlessly manage the rapid flow of an event, the connection between people and content and most importantly, the unexpected challenges that might arise during an event.

  1. Deal with problems smoothly

A professional Emcee will work with you to ensure that any onsite problems are dealt with smoothly, without any extra work for you, and any impact on the delegate’s experience.

They’re equipped to solve any unscripted challenges; create positive energy with non-engaging panels; provide solutions to support nervous speakers, and deal with technology breakdown.

  1. Engagement Tips

They provide engagement tips to improve presentations; speaker coaching; effective meeting design, and suggestions on how to refresh your agenda to increase participant energy and engagement throughout the event.

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