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We provide Event Management &
Event Communications services for busy corporate clients so they can focus on their core business while trusting us to deliver flawless events.

We understand the struggles of putting high quality events together…


Managing a global corporate event will take time from your schedule. Coordinating all the many event logistics for a global event can be logistically demanding.


We meticulously craft a project management timeline that offers a quick overview of task deadlines, responsible individuals, and completion dates. Our commitment to staying on course and maintaining focus is reinforced through weekly planning calls, ensuring that we adhere to these timelines and meet all project deadlines with precision.

Budget and Cost

Managing a budget that accounts for multiple suppliers and fluctuations in currency exchange rates can be a challenge.


Dealing with multiple budgets and back-and-forth conversations with suppliers can be stressful and time-consuming. We will do the groundwork on day-to-day supplier communications, and by using our simple but effective Event Budgeting Tool, you will get a full overview of all supplier costs and most importantly, the savings we achieve for you.

Supplier Management

Working with vendors and suppliers from different countries can introduce additional complexities. Ensuring clear communication, negotiating contracts, and managing logistics with international vendors requires careful coordination and cultural understanding.


Destinations are constantly evolving in terms of air access, hotel availability, third-party suppliers, activities, and venues. As active members of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), we maintain a network of local partners worldwide. This ensures you access the latest information, expert insights, and competitive local market rates, allowing you to make well-informed decisions.

Here is what a client of ours has to say:

We bring specialised skills, industry connections, and experience in handling complex event logistics.

We alleviate the challenges of planning, execution, and troubleshooting, allowing our clients to focus on other aspects of their business.

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